The Canadian Immigration and its Policy

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Canada is the second biggest country in the world and occupies the major part of northern North America. It shares land borders with the USA, both to the south and north stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

Today, people from less developed countries are looking for better opportunities and a better life towards the western part of the world. So, more and more foreign individuals take some time in processing immigration to Canada. But these wealthy nations like Canada can’t promise to accommodate everyone that wants to migrate to their country, so certain limitations are taken by the Canadian government for these people.

Other countries are taking strict immigration laws and restrictions so people become discourage in immigrating to other countries have a very easy immigration laws that encourage people to migrate to their country. This is so when the country is experiencing shortage of labour force. Canada is the country of best example in the recent times.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada there is a certain procedure and rules to follow. In fact, all immigration applications go through Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department.

Policies for Temporary and Permanent stay

Since Canada is giving various opportunities to migrants, it is then one of the most preferred countries in the world wants to live to. However, specific set of rules and procedures are set by the Canadian government to immigrants that they should follow. Compliance of the rules and policy will improve their chances of residing in Canada.

There are two parts of a Canadian immigration policy in which the first one is a policy for those who wish to enter Canada on a temporary basis. The policy rulings are applicable for students, tourists, live-in caregivers, those who intend to get married in Canada, those who are seeking refuge in Canada for humanitarian reasons and those people who work in Canada on contract basis.

For those who wish to reside in Canada for good, the second part of the policy is for them. People who are professionals or skilled workers who wish to work in Canada on a permanent basis, for those who wish to reside and set up business in Canada and for those who are sponsored by a relative or family are covered on with the rules on this type of policy.


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The Canadian Immigration and its Policy

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The Canadian Immigration and its Policy

This article was published on 2011/05/23